Choose the option that better suits you

In Atlantic Kite we have different options for your kitesurfing lessons so you can chose the one that better suits your needs. We offer Group courses, Semiprivate, Private, Supervision and Rental


Groups of maximum four people with one kite for each two.


Reduced groups of 2 people max with a shared kite option or one kite for each student


One on one lessons with a private instructor to boost your progression


For independent kitesurfers who still need a bit of support in their last learning steps


Do you want to learn to Kitesurf and enjoy this incredible sport with loads of fun and in a safe way? Atlantic Kite is your school!

Kitesurfing is an easy sport to learn; you can be riding in just a few days. Is a unique sport which delivers incredible sensations and once you try it you are hooked for life. Learn to kite in Tarifa, a little town with loads of fun and surrounded by nature.

In Atlantic Kite (Spain) we teach adults and kids. No restrictions, everybody can learn. Our method and our instructors will introduce you to kitesurfing so easily that in a few days you will be kiting. Try a course with our school, we are sure your life will change!

We have more than 10 years’ experience teaching kitesurfing to beginners and turning them into advanced kiters, always in a fast and safe way and of course having fun.

In our courses we only use the best gear, in perfect condition and with the best intuitive and easy safety systems.

We offer single day courses so you can discover what kitesurfing is as well as multiple day courses so you can be an independent rider when you finish.

We analyze your level and skills and adapt to you offering a personalized course with different options.

Our aim is that our students enjoy their time with us and learn as much as they can always in a safe way.

Atlantic Kite

We are passionate about kitesurfing, sports, nature and we have managed to turn that passion into our way of life so we can enjoy it every single day in the incredible city of Tarifa. And is that passion what we try to transmit to our students so they can enjoy and learn to the max during their kite lessons. With more than 10 years experience, qualified instructors and loads of dedication, in Atlantic Kite we can guarantee the best lessons and an unforgettable experience in Tarifa.