Learn how to ride in only 3 days and become an independent kitesurfer.

This private intensive course will make that you learn kitesurfing in a fast an efficient way with total attention from the instructor who will be correcting and guiding you all the time with radio helmet.

Explanation and details of the course

The duration of the course is 3 days, 3 hours per day in a private lesson (one student with one instructor).

Below you can find a detailed explanation of the course with all the steps and concepts you will learn every day.
Curso iniciacion kitesurf tarifa

First course day

  • Knowledge of wind theory and set up of the kite.
  • Get familiar and know how to use the safety systems.
  • Fly, control, launch and land the kite on land.
  • Theory and simulation of self rescue.
  • Practice in the water all the exercises learnt on the land.
  • You will learn how to move in the water with the kite (BODYDRAG) in different directions, feeling the power generated by the kite.
  • Relaunch the kite from the water.
Curso bodydrag kitesurf tarifa

Second course day

  • Practice and improve Bodydrag in different directions, feeling the power generated by the kite.
  • Bodydrag with the board to get used to control the kite with one hand while carrying the board with the other.
  • Retrieve the board bodydragging upwind
  • You will start putting on the board and attempt to stand up ( waterstart)
  • Riding a few meters on the board
Curso waterstart kitesurf tarifa

Third course day

  • Start riding in both directions
  • Speed control
  • Ride upwind and improve technique and body position


Price per person:

 3 days 480€

All included in the course

During the kitesurfing course in Atlantic Kite Tarifa, all the needed gear is included (kite, board, harness, life jacket, helmet, …) as well as rescue boats and accident and liability insurances.

At the end of your kitesurfing course you will get an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organitation) certificate so you can prove your level in any part of the world.

iko kiteboarding card

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