In a Semiprivate course there is a maximum of two students per instructor. With this option of a reduced group, the instructor can focus more in all the movements of each student resulting in a more personalized attention and faster learning.

Also with this option there is the possibility of doing the course with one shared equipment ( 1 kite for 2 students) or each student with their own equipment (2 kites for 2 students).

In both versions you can also choose between 3h lessons or 4h lessons.

In Atlantic Kite we recommend the 4 hours option if a kite is shared or 3 hours lesson if each student have their kite.

During the kitesurfing course in Atlantic Kite Tarifa, all the needed gear is included (kite, board, harness, life jacket, helmet, …) as well as rescue boats and accident and liability insurances.

Prices 2 students 1 kite

  price per person
  3h per day 4h per day
 1 day 85€ 115€
 2 days 170€ 230€
 3 days 240€ 330€
 4 days 320€ 410€
 5 days 400€ 500€
 Extra day 80€ 100€

Prices 2 students 2 kites

  price per person
  3h per day
 1 day 105€
 2 days 210€
 3 days 300€
 4 days 390€
 5 days 480€
 Extra day 85€

The prices indicated in the table for one person will apply to individual people booking semiprivate lessons alone. An student partner will be assigned to complete the group of 2.

These prices are only valid if reserved and payed in advance at the beginning of the course. If the student prefers to pay day by day, then the prices of 1 day will apply each day (the first row in the table)

At the end of your kitesurfing course you will get an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organitation) certificate so you can prove your level in any part of the world.

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iko kiteboarding card

Atlantic Kite

We are passionate about kitesurfing, sports, nature and we have managed to turn that passion into our way of life so we can enjoy it every single day in the incredible city of Tarifa. And is that passion what we try to transmit to our students so they can enjoy and learn to the max during their kite lessons. With more than 10 years experience, qualified instructors and loads of dedication, in Atlantic Kite we can guarantee the best lessons and an unforgettable experience in Tarifa.