If you are already an independent kiter, you can ride both sides and upwind but you still don’t feel confident enough to go out and kite on your own, this is your best option.

Each spot is different with different conditions. Our instructors will point out and guide you with the best tips so you can enjoy and have your best kite sessions in Tarifa.


  3h per day 4h per day
 Supervision 70€ 80€

* Save 10% on your course booking online before July 10th

All necessary equipment for the activity is included in supervision lessons:

  • Kite (different sizes depending on wind conditions)

  • Control bar

  • Safety leash

  • Board
  • Wetsuit
  • Helmet
  • Life Jacket
  • Liability and accident insurance
  • Safety boats (summer season 1st of June – 30th of September)

Book your course: 0034 670 324 142

Atlantic Kite

We are passionate about kitesurfing, sports, nature and we have managed to turn that passion into our way of life so we can enjoy it every single day in the incredible city of Tarifa. And is that passion what we try to transmit to our students so they can enjoy and learn to the max during their kite lessons. With more than 10 years experience, qualified instructors and loads of dedication, in Atlantic Kite we can guarantee the best lessons and an unforgettable experience in Tarifa.